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This game contains macro/micro, vore of all kinds, and tons of other adult content.
A small handful of scenes feature gore, but there is usually a warning beforehand.

In other words, you are very small, and a bunch of big people might end up stuffing you somewhere inside of them - or stepping on you!

If that sounds bad, then this game definitely isn't for you!
But if that is your thing, then... welcome!


A Tiny Furry In A Huge World Plus is an enhanced version of - surprisingly - A Tiny Furry In A Huge World. It's an adult text adventure with some light puzzling and a large focus on exploration as well as, obviously, the macro/micro and vore kinks.

There are over twelve characters to play with, over a hundred endings to see, and 400,000+ words of content to explore - with more on the way!

If I've got your interest, then, there's some more information below!


You're a college student - and you're having a really rough day.

 It all starts with a nap. After sleeping in and getting to college late, you decide to get some shuteye on one of the couches. When you wake up a few hours later, you've found that you've shrunk to about one or two inches tall. Something small enough to slip between the cushion cracks of the very couch that you fell asleep on.

You don't know what's happened. But it's clear that you're going to need to find some help. Someone who can protect you until this freak event passes and you grow back to your regular size.

But that might not be so easy. Not only are you faced with all the dangers that come with being so small - like wandering paws and the sudden introduction to various orifices - but not everyone is out to help a little person like you.  Quite a lot of people at this college - from the impulsive students to the lusty teachers - might have more perverted ideas in mind than shelter if they so happen to come across you...


More than 400,000 words of content
12+ characters of varying genders and species
Over 100 different endings - some pleasant, most voreish
Oral Vore, Unbirth, Anal Vore, Cock Vore, & more
full in-game guide to help you reach all those endings
Buy it once and get access to all future updates forever


This game requires Quest to play! Quest is a free text adventure interpreter ONLY for Windows PCs. You can download it by clicking here!


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AuthorQueen Kyobi
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsAdult, Erotic, Furry, giant, giantess, macro, micro, Text based, vore


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